Author Interview

Today I welcome Kasey Riley of “Desperate Endurance”, “August Fire” and “The Skeleton Trail”



With over twenty years of horse ownership and Endurance riding to her credit, Kasey Riley (Kim) brings a wealth of knowledge to her novels. Her love of the trail, outdoors, and rural living give color and vibrancy to her books. This realism has drawn many readers to her novels. She strives to make readers see through the eyes of her characters and imagine themselves enmeshed in the plot.

Her first two novels are mysteries with romances building around them and the third is a romance, which uses suspense to draw the couple together as they strive to stay alive. She plans on each book being a stand-alone novel that can be read in any sequence without the reader missing details of the story. Her current work in progress comes from a discussion between Kasey and her husband, Jeff, in one of the several drives between Oklahoma and their new home in Tennessee. Tossing around an idea about a young woman who keeps being involved in mysterious violence. Then coming up with an idea as to why she’s involved and solving the situation kept them occupied for many miles. Kasey’s mind sees every news article as a possible story plot for her characters.

When not writing or riding, she enjoys reading a wide variety of genre novels and sounding out new plots on her husband of 40+ years. Together, they moved two horses, four dogs, two cats and all their assorted belongings from SE Oklahoma to Central Tennessee in 2016. Now able to ride out the back door, Kasey finds less time to write, but has many viable ideas to work from. Soon she will have “Do Not Assume” completed and be able to get back to the young adult work in progress she set aside when the mystery of Do Not Assume kept distracting her.

Since the horrible forest fires in the Gatlinburg, TN area in November, Kasey has committed all of her royalties to the Dollywood Foundation’s My People Fund to aid the hundreds of victims who have lost everything in the wake of the fires. Details can be found on her website: Even those who choose to use their Kindle Unlimited accounts to read her works will help this effort since the royalties all are paid to the Foundation for 2017.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing in one form or another for years. Essays, monthly newsletters, and short stories have been submitted and even won contests since my early 20’s. I finally got the chance to really sit down and write after we sold our online catalog back in 2012. My first novel, Desperate Endurance was published in 2013.

What motivated you to start writing?

I got serious about writing after becoming very irritated at another author who completely misrepresented my sport of Endurance Horse Riding/Racing. I knew I could do better and show readers the true nature of the sport. So I did.

What is your favorite book and what is your favorite author?   

I read one or two books a week…favorite??? Seriously? I enjoy books which tend to be somewhat romantic, simple, mysterious or suspenseful. I dislike books with extreme angst or blood (unless it’s fantasy battles and blood). Life is too short and far too serious for me to spend my down time reading about the stuff I can see on the news.  I enjoy authors who have great imaginations and can carry off a good story with respect for their readers. Authors who don’t edit or proof are disrespecting their readers in a huge way in my book. If an author doesn’t respect themselves and their readers enough to present a well written tale…why should I waste my time reading it?

Where did you find inspiration for your stories? 

I think my favorite phrase is “what if” because I must pose that question to myself a dozen times a day. I can watch an Ancestry commercial and find a plot or a news item or be riding in the woods and pose it about how a tree got crooked. Skeleton Trail is a prime example of this. I was riding and came across a huge tree which had been blown over and the root ball left a huge hole in the ground…”what if” a body was buried there? Would it ever be found? And that began the book.

Are your stories based on someone you know or on events you have experienced?

Not really, but August Fire uses many experiences and stories told to me over 40 years as an adult. I used tales from one friend of how she used to rescue animals in the Canyons of Southern California when fires threatened them, I also used laughable stories of food poisoning, losing pants (that came from a boss I once had who has since passed – he really did misplace his pants once), then I added other ideas of small towns and how they help each other in good times and bad. Add to that an arsonist, a dog and a romance and you have August Fire. My other books reflect my knowledge of horses, endurance and small towns but the stories are pure fiction.

When I’m writing I need silence. So how about you?

Funny you should ask. As I sit here the speakers in this room are serenading me with country music…even though I’ve taken this room off the “group” at least twice. I prefer silence but since my office is now in the house instead of away from it, I no longer have the ability to have the silence I prefer. Life is like that; you don’t always get what you want; so you learn to work with what you have.

How many books have you written?

I have three books out under my main pen name of Kasey Riley and one out under a different name because it is so far different from the first in writing style and genre. I had a friend who was upset when I rewrote my first and removed some racy scenes…so I wrote Carlene’s Discovery for her. It is as close to erotica as I can get since I’m not comfortable with some of the language in that genre.

What can you tell us about your next project? 

Moving has messed up some of my priorities. I was working on a YA work, a horse and girl adventure when we began selling and moving. During the long drives, I came up with a mystery by bouncing thoughts off my husband. Once we settled, I tried to get back to the YA and the mystery just wouldn’t let me. So Do Not Assume is my current “work in progress”. I’ve finished the manuscript, I’ve completed one rewrite and I’m polishing up the final. If I get no interest from publishers, I expect to self-publish in March.  is my first book  is my most recent book, less horses, more romance.


What is your book about?

Desperate Endurance is about a woman who is traveling alone with two horses when she witnesses a murder in a deserted rest area. The victim is able to speak to her before passing and asks her to help his son. She spends the remainder of the book keeping ahead of the bad guys, helping the rancher son of the victim and falling for him while they try to figure who was responsible for killing his father. It involves traveling, racing across country, escaping kidnap attempts and her final race to the safety of his arms with the villain hot on her tail.   

August Fire is a prickly romance wrapped around small town living and an arsonist who is bent on destroying Stephanie and Doyle because they saw his face. A surprising character is Doyle’s dog Catcher which he rescued on his way to his new life in Riverview. Many of the encounters between Stephanie and Doyle are smile-inducing and the dog is completely canine and loveable.

Both of these books were fun to write and I hope readers enjoy the characters – both animal and human.  

Can you tell us something about the main character or characters?

I have a thing about my characters…they may not always make the smartest decisions, but they are believable (at least I think they are). My female leads are strong and smart enough to know when to be weak. My men are honest and true, men not afraid to step forward and lend a hand.  Life will present you with enough confusion, I like my people to be what they seem.

Would you like to send a message to the readers?

Yes. As much as I love my readers and I truly do but I must admit I write first for me – because I need to write. I write the stories which force themselves out of me. The characters who develop in my books do so at their leisure. I just hit the keys to bring them to the page. The plots form from news or ads or woodland features and sometimes from thin air; I never know where they will come from next. I think Do Not Assume will be the first in an actual series, because there are so very many things involved and the ending is distinct, but not totally an ending to the story.  




Author Interview


Today I welcome  Carol Cooper author of “Hampstead Fever”.




Hi Carol, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m a British doctor, journalist and author. I write on health for The Sun newspaper, broadcasts on TV and radio, and have a string of non-fiction books to my name including an award-winning textbook of medicine. I also write novels, my latest being Hampstead Fever, a contemporary tale of urban life. I practice part-time as a family doctor in London and teaches medical students.

Blog: Pills & Pillow-Talk

Facebook page: Carol Cooper’s London Novels

Twitter: @DrCarolCooper


  • When did you start writing?

I was a very truthful child, but from a young age I loved writing stories. One of my tales was about a witch who died as a result of smoking in bed. Looking back, I have always had a hankering to write a novel. It took me a while to do it because I detoured via non-fiction and journalism.

  • What motivated you to start writing?

I started to write a novel while I was still at university, but it didn’t go anywhere as I was just a sponge then, soaking up other people’s ideas. I had few original ideas of my own, and no real experience of life. After practicing medicine for a couple of decades and raising a family, I realized that I did actually have something to say that could make a novel. Or two or more…

  • What is your favorite book and what is your favorite author? Why?

I think my favorite book, or at least one of my favorites, is still Mary McCarthy’s The Group. It follows the lives of a group of friends, all recent graduates, as they make their way in the world, and I love the way the story unfolds covering all the different strands.

  • Where did you find inspiration for your stories?

Inspiration is all around once you stop and listen. I love overhearing people talk on the bus or in the street, and of course I’m hugely inspired by the patients I see. Ill health can bring out the best in people, as well as the worst.


  • Are your stories based on someone you know or on events you have experienced?

I’d never put a real person into a book, especially not a patient, but I do use snippets of events I’ve experienced.


  • When I’m writing I need silence. So how about you? Do you like to hear music while you are working?

It’s funny you should ask that, because my habits have definitely changed in the last couple of years. I used to like having music on while writing, but now I need complete silence. It feels like sensory overload if there’s too much going on.


  • How many books have you written?

About 14 non-fiction books, most of them books on parenting and child health – they were inspired by raising three sons as well as being a family doctor looking after babies and children.  I’ve also got two novels to my name. One Night at the Jacaranda came out in 2013, and Hampstead Fever followed last summer.


  • What can you tell us about your next project?

I’m actually working on two more novels. One will feature many of the same characters as Hampstead Fever. The other one will be a novel set mostly in Egypt, where I grew up, so it will be rather different from my stories about dating in London.


About your book… here is the blurb:

It is high summer in London and trouble is brewing.

Chef Dan should be blissfully happy. He has the woman of his dreams and a job in a trendy Hampstead bistro. But his over-anxious partner, engrossed in their baby, has no time for him.

Stressed doctor Geoff finds solace in the arms of a mercurial actress. Journalist Harriet’s long-term relationship with Sanjay hits the buffers, leaving each of them with serious questions to answer. Meanwhile single mother of four Karen lacks the appetite for a suitable relationship.

Passion and panic rise in the heatwave. Who can spot the danger signs?




Available in bookstores and online through Amazon and other retailers.

Amazon link

What is your book about?

Hampstead Fever is a story of six people as their emotions rise one hot summer, and their lives intertwine and get complicated. It’s set in Hampstead, a picturesque and aspirational part of London that suits each character perfectly, though for different reasons.

Can you tell us something about the main character or characters?

It’s a multi-stranded story with several main characters. There’s Laure, an over-anxious new mother of 40, and her partner Dan, who’s making his way up in the world after wrongful imprisonment. Then there’s Geoff, a stressed doctor and a single parent, as well as a struggling freelance journalist called Harriet, and Sanjay, a charity worker who can’t quite come to terms with surviving a serious illness. Finally newly single Karen misses the intimacy of married life, but, with four children at home, finds she only has the energy for an unsuitable relationship.


Would you like to send a message to the readers?

Sassy and classy, Hampstead Fever embraces multicultural London. It’s a story of adultery, illness, breakups and reunions. If you like Nick Hornby’s novels, or enjoy films like Notting Hill and Love, Actually, then Hampstead Fever is for you.



Christmas Wishes

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You’re all busy, especially this time of year, so this will be short. Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I send you my best wishes for a wonderful time, hopefully with family, good food, and not too many arguments or hangovers. Here’s to a vintage Christmas, and to a new year that’s an improvement over 2016.

Not that I’m holding my breath.

The Night Before Christmas, 1949 edition

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Author Interview

Today I welcome Brenda H. Sedgwick author of “Marriage , a Jorney and a dog”

Brenda Sedgwick

Hi Brenda, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us about yourself and your background.

Creative Writing Tutor U.K and Sri Lanka. Retired and still working. I strongly believe in education for adults. People should have a second chance. A lifetime in writing. First novel last year.

Blog  twitter @brendahSedgwick Facebook.

Marriage, a Journey and a Dog

 When did you start writing?

I started making up stories at junior school and won prizes. Ran school magazines etc. Joined a Creative Writing group early twenties and haven’t looked back.

What motivated you to start writing?

It could have been having a vivid imagination and love of words, or the boredom I made up stories to escape.

 What is your favorite book and what is your favorite author? Why?

I discovered fiction at the age of fourteen after a childhood of restrictions on reading anything that wasn’t religious. I was amazed and still am. Love A.S Byatt, Joanna Trollope wrote about relationships and that was fun. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver was incredible. World history is engrossing. What more can I say?

Where did you find inspiration for your stories?

Relationships are rarely easy. Difficulties are a part of life and I like to make people smile and be entertained in spite of situations around them. Escapism. I leave the heavy stuff to other people.

Are your stories based on someone you know or on events you have experienced?

No, I would avoid specific people and situations, but I have experienced divorce and traveled to the places in France and Spain that I write about. I loved writing about Gerry who was obsessed with sport, he reminded me of many men I know.

When I’m writing I need silence. So how about you? Do you like to hear music        while you are working?

Space is great and not often achieved – a freedom from interruptions with or without music.

How many books have you written?

One book, the second is on its fourth edit and counting.

What can you tell us about your next project?

Finished the draft of The Trinket Wife. Editing is essential to me and I want to get it right before I pay someone else to read the manuscript. I’ve started to write short stories and poetry again, some funny some not. A third novel is in my head.


Marriage, A Journey and A Dog by [Sedgwick, Brenda H]



What is your book about?

It’s a Romantic comedy. A comment on marriage in a humorous way. Incorporating travel, self-discovery, and a woman becoming independent. Love re enters her life but will she take it?

Can you tell us something about the main character or characters?

Natalie has a life restricted to the area she grew up in and she married a local boy. A family event calls her to France. Fired up with the experience of driving alone through France and visiting Paris, Natalie travels on to Spain. A whole new and exciting world opens up for her and it is difficult to return home and settle. Being married is important to her and she sticks to it until a revelation. The reader will probably not realize that the other characters have different attitudes to marriage. Spike the dog is an important character.

Would you like to send a message to the readers?

There is depth to what appears to be a light hearted read. Enjoy.



Author Interview

Today I welcome Linda Mansfield author of “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas“.


Hi Linda, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m an author, reporter, editor and PR representative based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m the author of “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas,” a collection of 13 fictional but realistic stories set at Christmas for teens through seniors.

To know more about Linda and her book please visit her Facebook page,  twitter or her website or her blog

  • When did you start writing?

In my teens.

  • What motivated you to start writing?

It was one of the few things that came naturally to me.

  • What is your favorite book and what is your favorite author? Why?

My favorite book is “Black Beauty” because it teaches compassion, and I have always loved horses. I have been a horse owner for more than 30 years.

  • Where did you find inspiration for your stories?

From life! I drew from my personal past, from the news, and from my imagination.

  • Are your stories based on someone you know or on events you have experienced?

Some of them are, and some aren’t.

  • When I’m writing I need silence. So how about you? Do you like to hear music while you are working?

I’m just the opposite. I usually need something on in the background.

  • How many books have you written?

Just one, but I’ve edited six books for other authors.

  • What can you tell us about your next project?

I’m working on three sequels to the Christmas book. They will all be stand-alone books, but they’ll take the characters from the Christmas book and extend their stories into the spring, summer and fall. “Twelve Stories for Spring,” “Twelve Stories for Summer” and “Twelve Stories for Fall” are scheduled to be released in 2017. I’m a little more than half finished with the rough draft of all three.

About your book…“Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas”


What is your book about?

“Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” offers teens through seniors 13 realistic but fictional short stories set at Christmas. The holidays are so hectic that it’s hard to find time to read a novel, but these short stories are perfect for short breaks when you can fit them in.

Can you tell us something about the main character or characters?

There are seven female main characters and six male main characters. None of the characters fall in love, and they come from a variety of walks of life. For example, there’s a single mom, a trucker, a senior citizen, a young woman, a couple of mothers, a Jewish bachelor, a father who travels overseas a lot, etc.

Would you like to send a message to the readers? 

“Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer! The e-book works out to just 23 cents per story, which is a lot less expensive than a cocktail or a massage. Give yourself a break and read this book, or give someone else who needs a break a copy!

It was a pleasure to get to know you Linda and about your work.





Quero viajar sem rumo, sem destino

Sem hora marcada, só com passagem de ida.

Só sei que quero aventura, uma pitada de fantasia

E talvez um pouco de suspense,

Romance quero sempre.

Quero visitar terras distantes,

Lugares que nunca vi.

Quero ver imagens que só com

Os olhos da mente consigo ver.

Quero dar asas a minha imaginação.

Sonhar com um mundo perfeito.

Quero ser criança, moleque levado ou moça apaixonada.

Quero primeiro amor,

Quero me enebriar nas plavras do poeta,

Quero viver estórias, vidas diferentes.

Quero ver as cores do arco iris nas páginas em preto e branco.

Páginas que me encantam,

Me fazem rir ou chorar

Sentir medo ou me emocionar.

Quero ouvir canções nas entrelinhas

Quero transformar as palavras mudas de um livro

Em uma aventura sem fim.

Para a aventura começar  basta abrir um livro qualquer….


©Marcia Weber Martins


Emotional Manipulation



Perfect Match, it is not a true story, but was based on the facts of life.

Perfect Match is about family bonds, friendship, – very important values to me,  love and the outcome of loving and trusting the wrong person.

Some would say that Mary and Robert relationship is a cliché and what had happened to her would never possible happened to a middle class and well educated woman like her.

Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Manipulators can hide their true self from others very well, concealing their aggressive intentions and behaviors to make their victims believe that they are caring and sensitive.

The manipulators use praise and flattery or superficial charm and sympathy to gain trust, love. Once they  know the victim emotional vulnerabilities, such as, naiveté, trust and emotional dependency  they  use it to persuade, to influence and control the victim’s behavior.

Robert made Mary  feel valued and loved, fooling her posing as a romantic and a nice guy, which he was not, to gain her trust and love and to know her vulnerabilities and flaws.

Mary was naivé and trusting and somehow innocent and Robert used it well to drag her into a manipulative relationship. She didn’t notice it until it was too late.

Psychological manipulation can be subtle and misleading. It works below the level of conscious awareness and the victim doesn’t  realize that her/his thoughts, action and desires are being manipulated into something that better suits the manipulator.

Emotional manipulators used  diversion, they don’t give  straight answers to a direct question, instead they  dodge the topic and  changed the subject.

Robert used diversion every time Mary wanted to know more about him, instead talking about himself, he diverted her attention talking about his love for her and showing how romantic he was.

Emotional manipulators play the victim role, especially if the victim is kind and sensitive.

They  intimidate the victim using verbal abuse and subtle or implied threats. During discussions they raise their voices, or became more violent to show who is in command. This way the victim will avoid upsetting or confronting the manipulator, concentrating on the anger and not on the manipulation tactic.

Another technique is projecting the blame. Manipulators denied responsibility for their actions, so the victim looks like he or she has done something wrong.

One day while  Robert, Mary, Phil and Emmy were studying together, Robert argued with Phil and instead of making amends, he blamed Mary for losing his temper, accusing her of flirting with Phil.

Why they do it?

They need to control people and situations  no matter what they have to do to have it. They need to feel superior and powerful to feel safe and effective, to mask their insecurities because they are afraid of failure.


I’m positive that you will enjoy “Perfect Match”. And once you get to know Mary Walker better and what she went through, you will sympathize with her.

 © Marcia Weber Martins







Are you capable of forgiveness? Could you forgive who had hurt you, especially if it was someone you trusted, believed and most of all loved?

To answer this question you have to understand what forgiveness means.

According to the dictionary forgiveness is: the act of forgiving, the disposition or willingness to forgive.

For me forgiveness is the decision to put aside the resentment, the anger and stop blaming who had wronged you.

When someone hurts you, you might feel angry, sad or even asked yourself what have you done to deserve it. You want to punish, to hurt back whom had wronged you.

Remember, forgiveness is not excusing or pardoning who had wronged you. It is not denying the other person’s responsibility for hurting you. And most of all it is not reconciliation. The act of forgiving doesn’t mean that you have to reconcile with the person.

It is up to you to forgive or not, but if decide to, it has to come from your heart, without waiting for an apology.

Why should you forgive who had wronged you?

First, it is not going to do you any good to keep the grudges, the resentment. In fact, it is more stressful to keep the hard feelings than let them go. These negative emotions create a state of chronic anxiety. Studies have found that if you don’t forgive it increase the  risk of heart attack, increase the risk of depression, increase cholesterol levels and blood pressure and decreased the quality of sleep. As you can see, in the end you might be the one who will pay dearly.

In my opinion, it is possible to forgive, to stop blaming, or  wanting revenge, but you are not going to forget. After all, forgiveness is not pretending that it never happened. You were hurt  and humiliate and all this leaves emotional scars.

But if you don’t let it go, you’re not going to move on. You’re going to be attached to your past, letting this negative energy surround you and keeping you from happiness.

Before you are ready to forgive, allow yourself to  feel the pain, to be sad and  to be angry. Let it take its course.

Then you can  look at it dispassionately and finally let it go of grudges.

Letting it go you’re going to find peace of mind and will be free to start again.

You don’t have the power to change what had happened to you, but you can decide what you are going to do with your present, with future.

  ©Marcia Weber Martins