“Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”

What makes you happy?
There are so many reasons for being happy, for being grateful for. We just need to look around to see them.
Simple daily things can bring us joy.
A cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning,
A glass of wine after a long, stressful day,
The pleasure of sitting beside someone you love and watch the sunrays shining,
forming tine diamonds on a water surface,
Or to enjoy the sunset,
Listen to rain drops hammering the roof,
Or dancing with the wind melody or to the bird’s song.
Or to listen to the sound of silence and let your mind float away,
Or read a book and travel far way without getting out of your place.
I consider myself a happy person,
And I radiate happiness to the people around me.
Most of us has the nasty tendency to look for happiness in other people,
or to blame them for their unhappiness.
There is no better place to find happiness then in ourselves,
In our heart and soul,
Happiness come from the inside to brighten our faces with radiance,
With smiles that reach the eyes.
Be happy, enjoy life,
the moment is there, it is unique
If you missed it will never come back.