Today I welcome Molly Gambiza author of “A Woman’s Weakness”.



Hi Molly, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I was born in Uganda and now I live in the United Kingdom with my Husband and ours two sons. While working as a Receptionist, I’m passionate about fashion and writing. I have published five novels-True Colours, Mistaken Identity, A Woman’s Weakness, A daring Date, Living Her Dream and a short story, A Kiss And A Cappuccino.

It was tough leaving my country Uganda and my people in order to join my husband who worked and lived in England. I had to join my husband, it wasn’t easy bringing up our two sons alone, I felt like I was denying our children the right to have a father figure in their lives. I missed my husband whom I love so dearly. The distance was slowly killing our relationship and one of us had to close the distance. I closed the distance to give our children a life they deserved, being with their father.
When we arrived in England, our youngest son was still breastfeeding and that was when I experienced culture issues. No-one warned me that it was an offence to breastfeed a baby in public places. I learnt my lesson quickly. Apart from breastfeeding in public, I found the new culture less hectic in terms of house duties. My husband had already adjusted to the culture so it was a bit of a shock for me to see him cooking meals for the family or doing the washing up. In my culture, such tasks are for women and that’s why I found it easy to write Eva’s story in A Woman’s Weakness, the mistreatment women face due to ignorance.

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If you have one, what is your favorite motivational phrase?
Where there’s A Will There’s A Way, is my favorite phrase. I think it encapsulates the journey I’ve been on with being an Author and all the challenges that come with that.

What motivated you to start writing?
At primary school, we didn’t have enough books to read, we were forced to share. It was something like ten children to a book. My desire to create more books was born during that time. When I came to England, I discovered libraries, after reading hundreds of books I just thought “Molly why don’t you write one yourself?” At first they were just ideas on paper then the bones and joints of a story started coming together and here we are today.

When did you first considerer yourself a writer?
It wasn’t until my 2nd Book “Mistaken Identity” that I truly felt like a Writer, it dawned on me then that wow this isn’t just a hobby any more this actually happening. I was overwhelmed with support and a desire to just write more and my life began to change from there.

How do you find or make time to write?
I find the time to write on the bus, to and from work, at Home, even in the Supermarket sometimes, if an idea comes to mind I just jot it down. Weekends are the best time, my Sons will testify that in the early days I hijacked the Family Computer for hours on end. They were surprisingly patient for young teenagers I must admit though.

Do you like to hear music while working or prefer silence? Or do you have any writing rituals?

I get so wrapped up in my writing I block the Whole World out, the House could be burning down around me I wouldn’t know. I lost count of how many times dinner came out as charcoal.

What book or books have influenced you or your writing? Why?
Oooh this is a hard one, I can definitely mention individual Authors, so the likes of Danielle Steel, Wilbur Smith and John Grisham all have such a rich way of telling a story. They draw you in and hold you captive to the very end. My Book shelf is full of titles from those 3.

 Are your stories based on someone you know or on events you have experienced?

I draw inspiration from the lives of people I saw growing up in Uganda. Most of my stories are set back home, growing up there I was a witness to many things that stuck with me and I felt it was my duty to tell those intimate details and happenings. It was an easy scene to set my memory of home, I wanted to keep the story as accurate as possible so the readers would feel like they are there with me.
What do you prefer eBooks or traditional paperback books?

You can’t beat the feel of a paperback book, the day that we get rid of printed books entirely will be a sad day for the World.

 What are reading now?

I am reading Perfect Match by Marcia Weber, my host. I wanted to know what else she does when she is not blogging and interviewing writers. She is a writer! The Perfect Match is my type of book, I like a book that makes my eyes sting, tighten my jaws, hold my breath. I am reading it to the end because I want to know more about Mary and Robert. The guy is sick!

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

My Son reads a lot of Books by George RR Martin, he’s been banging on about Game Of Thrones. My Son has very good taste in books like his Mother so I trust his judgement. I’m yet to start on the series but he’s definitely an Author on my Radar. I also read my son’s poetry on the sly. He likes to keep his unpublished work private but I can’t help myself when he leaves his computer switched on.
What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I’ve learnt patience and knowing when to come up for air will make the writing process so much easier. I have gotten so wrapped up in writing a story or finishing it by a certain date that I almost lose sight of why I’m writing the book. It’s easy to distort or not fully illustrate the message I’m trying to portray. That and I guess that I can write like I can talk, for days on end with little rest!

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don’t compromise the story, concentrate whole heartedly on the story, and immerse yourself in it. Become the characters if you have to, the technical side of things i.e. Publishing, promotion etc. will be daunting but if you stay true to the story the readers will latch on naturally. Keep it all organic and get out there, do different things, see different places you’ll be surprised where you find inspiration. I once found inspiration for a chapter in one of my books 40,000ft above the Sahara, now that’s a story for another day but the main thing is to keep your mind fresh with ideas.
About your book…

Eva is a young gentle African woman who immigrated to united-kingdom in order to get away from her controlling family and their expectations but she is in for a shock when she blindly falls in love with David, a man from Uganda. David is a man who practices domestic violence in his household. Eva must obey and submit, accept anything thrown at her which include a controlling mother-in law and a sullen step-daughter Tamara. Eva isn’t living, she is surviving. There is a voice in her head shouting ‘No more!’ but she has no voice nor courage to walk away, she is a broken woman. But when David beats her in front of their three year old daughter Mia, something inside Eva snaps and also realizes that David needs her more than she ever needed him. She must escape before it’s too late and also for her children’s sake…..

What is your book about?

A Woman’s Weakness was born on the bus on my way to work after witnessing one young woman applying makeup on a bruised face. I said to myself, lady, you can cover the bruises but what about the pain inside? I watched and I could see she was in pain but life goes on, obviously she was heading to work. I found myself comparing her with other women I have seen suffering in silence, too afraid to talk about their abusive partners. I decided there and then that I was going to be their voice. I didn’t just concentrate on women, I spoke for the children. It’s heart breaking for a child to see their mother slapped about and there is absolutely nothing to do about it except to hide under the bed and wait for the nightmare to end. I hit my keyboard with such force, I am surprised it didn’t break down. My language is clear, one doesn’t need a dictionary to check what I am talking about.
Can you tell us something about the main character or characters?

Eva the main character is one gentle woman who blindly fell in love with David, a man still tied to his mother’s strings. David showed his love in the beginning and that love faded when he allowed his mother to take over Eva’s kitchen including the bedroom….. The mother in-law knew when to make her phone calls. Such interference should not be allowed, it’s a marriage destroyer.
Would you like to send a message to the readers?

Please share A Woman’s weakness story. It’s full of tips on survival and it’s free on Amazon, Barnes &Nobble, Kobo. A lot of women stay in the abusive relationship because they think there is no alternative. In this book you will discover that Eva did not keep her eggs in one basket. How did she do it? She had two children to look after, a lazy husband and an incorrigible step-daughter but Eva found a way out. Do not suffer in silence, silence kills.

A WOMAN’S WEAKNESS(Book one);jsessionid=A8BCC9A5AC2DDC4D7A5322B34D7A9499.prodny_store02-atgap06?ean=2940046259209




It was apleasure to get to know  Molly Gambiza and  about her work. I’m also flattered that she is reading “Perfect Match”. Thank you!