Have you ever thought about what makes you choose a book?

I find very difficult to choose a book among hundreds when I’m browsing a book store or Amazon kindle store.
If I had the money and the time to read all of them, I would buy most of the books I find interesting. Since I have neither the money nor the time, I have to choose one or two at a time.
And that has made me think, what makes me choose that particular book?
First of all, I need to know which genre I’m looking for, and this depends on my mood. Mostly I like to read thrillers with a touch of romance.
On Amazon you have the reviews to help you. I don’t always read them, and when I do, I read both, the goods and the not so good ones. But if the summary is interesting enough to pick up my attention and curiosity, I will check it by myself, not caring about the reviews. People have different opinions. The same book will not please everyone.
In a book store, if you  have not researched before, you can’t base your choice on reviews while you are choosing a book.

How do I choose my books? How do you choose your books?

Book cover, is it important? Does it going to influence your choice?
Yes, I think it is important; most of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Also, pictures transmit messages fast and trigger emotions. A good cover will attract you. It will motivate you to pick up the book, read the summary, examine its content and perhaps buys it.

Does the author’s reputation influence your choice?
I would say this is a strong factor. If you  have already heard about his/her work, this would motivate you, at least to read the summary and consider buying the book.

Is your choice based on your past experience with the author?
This will weight on your decision because your expectation is based on your knowledge of the author. If you already have read something that you like, you will tend to buy another book from the same author, even knowing that this book may not be as good as the one you  have already read. On the other hand, if the previous experience was bad, your motivation to buy another book from the same author will be small.
There are people who tended only to buy books from well-known authors or well-known publishers.
In my opinion, choosing books based on well-known publishers or well-known authors do not guarantee that the book will be good. I have read books from well-known authors and they were not good. I didn’t like them. Marketing, that’s what makes the difference.

For example, I loved Harry Potter books from J.J Rowling. I read the books and watched the films. But “The Cuckoo’s Callings”, a far cry from the Harry Potter books. It took me a year to finish the book.
It is kind of my rule, to read until the end, even if the book is boring or I didn’t like it much.
Here is a question for all of you,
If most of people buy their books based on the author’s reputation, or because he/she is well-known- author or a well-known publisher, where do we Indie authors stand?
Do we have a chance in this competitive market?
Would you, as a reader give us, Indie authors , a chance?
I sincerely would like to hear your opinion. Please leave a comment.