Castles and its history had always fascinated me. Since I moved to Germany I had the opportunity to visit many of them.

foto do castelo

The magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle, in the village of Hohenschwangau by the town of Fussen, along the Romantic Road. This fairy-tale castle inspired Disney’s castle of Sleeping Beauty. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful castle I have visited.

marburg castle

Or the Landgrave Castle built in the 11th century as a fort, in Marburg.

The centuries – old buildings remind me of the famous days of emperors, of kings, princes and the braves knights. As for the children, castles are associated to magic, to fairy tales. By the way, there is a “Fairy Tale Route” you can visit castles and places related to Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales.
Every time I visit a castle or what was left of them – ruins, and learn about its history, I feel like traveling back in time.
And I asked myself, how would be like to live in those fabulous castles at that time without all the facilities we have today, especially in winter time?

014Braunfels Castle, only toured guide visit is possible, and just some parts of the castle are open for visitation, because the princely family still lived there. I think it was the third time I went there and every time I learnt something different from its history.
The tour started in the Knight’s hall. Armors, shields and swords they used during battles or tournaments. (Unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures inside)
I could not imagine how they could fight wearing the heavy armor, mail shirt (chainmail), which was made of linked rings together plus the weight of the lance.
Poor horse, that had to carry all that weight and in some occasions wear also armor.
Next I visited the guest rooms, with its beautiful furniture, porcelain and paintings. They have also a sacral exhibition from the Altenburg Monastery.
The visit ended in the gardens and the cannon square.


I would like to spend more time appreciating the rooms and learning more about the family story and of course in a sunny and hot , enjoy the well-tended gardens.
Adventure or historical romances are not the genres I like to write but for those who liked, a visit in one of these castles would give you with a lot of ideas.
Anyway, for all writers castles and the medieval towns are the scenery for great stories.

Marburg town, with it narrows lanes, crooked steps and half-timbered houses will be the scenery of my next book.