A man trapped in a cat’s body

If my memory serves me well it was on Friday, 13th July, at my father’s company beneficent dinner that my life turned upside down.
That evening, I met the most beautiful girl. I was the lucky guy… well I thought I was, but I could not be more mistaken…
My name is Michael and this is my story…
A few days before that party, my inseparable friends Tom, Martin and Terry and I were in one of the most popular bar in the city, when a girl named Jasmim wanted to join us. Everybody in our town knew her and her family. Some were afraid of them. Not me, of course. Jasmim wasn’t the type of girl I wanted to be seen with.
“How dare you to talk to me? Don’t you know who I am?” I told her.
The girl was poor, ugly and weird with her mismatching eyes, one blue and the other green.
I considered myself above everyone and everything, because I was the heir of a great fortune. I dismissed her like you would dismiss a fly.
She asked me if she were beautiful and  attractive, I would consider dating her. I laughed out loud and said that I would consider that, and maybe would give a pass for her being poor and the daughter of the old, big – mouth men.
Her father was known in the city as a fortune teller. People paid him to hear his silly predictions about their future, or to prepare Love portions and other sort of tricks.
She bowed her head, curled her shoulder and left.
I laughed louder and my friends followed me. They had me as a leader and worshipped me. Not me, but my money and my social position. I didn’t care about it at the time.
Days passed and we forget completely the poor girl.
I worked at my father’s company part of the day and then I spent the money buying expensive sports cars- one of my passions- and partying.
Coming back to the beneficent dinner…
Dressed up in a tux I prepared myself to endure the boring party. It was the kind of party that you have to be careful to not fall asleep at. I’m not exaggerating.
A bunch of old bats, with nothing else to do, then gather together to gossip about everyone, including my family.
There I was, bored to death, listening to one of the ladies talking about her noble cause, when the most beautiful girl I had ever cast my eyes on, graciously walked down the stairs.
Her skin was white as the moon light; her long golden hair framed a flawless face.
Our gaze met for a moment and she shyly smiled at me. Who was that girl? I knew almost all girls in my city and I never had seen her.
She greeted everyone and said that was a special night for her. I found my way to introduce myself and to my dismay she ignored me. No one says no to me, so I waited. By the end of the party I asked her to dance with me. We danced. We talked. I had her, I felt that. We had a date for the next day.
She picked up the place where we would meet. We should meet at and old castle, not more a castle, but what was left of it. An odd place for a date but it had a beautiful seclude garden.
I told my friends about the date and looked for the picture I had taken of her in my mobile, but I could not found it, it had disappeared.
The next day around seven I parked my red Ferrari- I wanted to impress the girl – and walked to the garden. I insisted in picked her up but she was adamant in meeting me there.
The garden was well lit, thinking about that now, I didn’t remember seeing it so illuminate before.
She was there wearing a long black dress, her long golden hair were like a waterfall over her shoulders and her eyes were as dark as the night.
I kissed her cheeks and took her in a light embrace. She let go off me putting some distance between us.
‘Am I beautiful enough for you?” she asked me.
Confused with her question, I assured her that she was the most beautiful girl I ever have seen.
The lights dimmed and her appearance changed. Astonished, I looked at her.
Her golden hair turned black, her beautiful dress was shredded and her eyes… one green and the other blue.
‘You laughed at me, you despised and humiliated me when I was ugly but when I looked like a princess you beg for my attention.’
I could not hide my disgust when she touched her lips on mine. I felt a strange, my body trembled and long dark hair began grow, covering my shrinking body.
‘Until you learn to see the beauty in every one’s heart and learn not to judge people by their appearance you will be a black cat with shining eyes.’
Five years had passed and I’m still a cat, people didn’t like me because my sparkling eyes.
Never judge people for their appearance, behind an ugly face there is a great heart.

by Marcia Weber Martins