If I could…..
I wish you were a little bit more you.
Do not need to be Sun or Rain,
nor Stars or Moon,
but who should know to love…
Love not only for loving,
but for letting love penetrate through your veins
and merge your soul…
I would like to be part of your dreams
and walk by your side
through verdant plains.
I would like to take your hand
and walk through the future.
And who knows I could be the warm night’s breeze
to caress your body
to kiss your face.
And travel beyond infinite…
And in the infinite I could change
the down’s silence in a lullaby
so you could sleep the sleep of innocent children,
I would like to change your tears into dew drops
so you could smile.
If I had all the happiness to give you,
or if at least my words could bring a little peace to your soul…
I would be happy to be able to share a little bit of my life
with someone like you!
written by Marcia Weber Martins
Nossos Poetas II