This is my response to a dueling challenge sent to me by author Anita Kovacevic.



Mary came home after riding on a horse back and her usual stop by the lake to enjoy the sun set. She had been doing it all week. She never got tired of sitting on the huge stone- her favorite spot- facing the lake to appreciate the infinite beauty of the sun sinking behind the mountains, spreading its last rays over the lake waters.

She was alone, both her mother and her father were still working. ‘It was about time that they got back to their routine. They had their own life; they could not stop it because of me,’ she thought. She was feeling better, almost feeling like herself again. Spending time around the lake regenerated her. She enjoyed being at her parents but she considered if it wasn’t time to go back home. She picked up a book she had left over the table. Her brother brought it for her last time he had visited. She started to read it. After reading the same page two times, she gave up. She could not concentrate, her mind wandered to places she would not want to go back.

Having nothing better to do she decided to explore the house. Not that she didn’t know the house, she knew it very well. It had belonged to her grandparents and after they died, her parents had inherited it. They had done some refurbishing. It looked good but she preferred the way the house was before. She wondered what they have done with the old furniture and her grandparent’s belongings, specially her grandpa’s guitar. Where might it be? She wanted to find it. It was a remembrance of her childhood. She found the key in one of the drawers and went to the attic.

She entered the windowless room. The dark scared her a little, she considered turning around and finding something else to do. But curiosity picked her up. She turned the light on. Differently from other attics, this one was clean and organized. There were cardboard boxes piled up, each one with label on it, kitchen cookware, toys, books. The furniture was covered with white bed sheets. She walked around peering under it. She liked the old furniture style; it had its charm. She liked the smell of it. If one day she had her own house, she would use some of them. Leaning against the wall, protected by its cover, she found what she was looking for, her grandfather’s old guitar. She remembered him playing it for her and her brother during the summer holidays. ‘How old was I at that time? Five, maybe six years old, I don’t remember.’ she asked herself.

It doesn’t matter, it had been a long time ago, and so much had happen to her since then. She was no longer that innocent little girl, who always had a smile on her face and believed in love. Sometimes she came to believe that she would never smile again. They used to sit on the veranda to listen her grandpa play and sing old songs. Her brother could sing along but not her. If she closed her eyes she could see him playing and hear him singing. She wished to be possible to travel back in time. She had wonderful memories from her childhood.

She took the guitar out its cover and played it, only tuneless sound came out of it. She laughed. The sound of her own laugh surprised her and it felt strange. She hadn’t laughed in days. She tried to play it again and sing. More toneless notes followed by her poor voice. Glad no one had heard her singing, she gave a heartily laugh at her inaptitude of singing.

Mary is one of the characters of Perfect Match. She has to stay at her parents’ house for a while, and it is not for browsing over old furniture and good memories. You can find out reading this romance.